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Posted on March 03 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.48.44 AM ...and ALWAYS shipping! Here at This and That For Kids we are online consumers just like all of you. We know what it is to order something online and wish you could receive it the very next day... ok let's be honest in a perfect world we would receive it 5 minutes after placing the order! We also know what its like to decide last minute to order an item for a specific occasion and worry about whether or not it will arrive on time. Checking the tracking information every five minutes to see exactly where your package is. Has it left the warehouse? Is it on the truck? Did it get to my house? You can feel at ease when ordering with us, and if you are unsure whether it will truly make it on time or not just call us and we can make the decision together about whether or not it is too late to order. Being that we know this feeling of anticipation we want to make your waiting time as short as possible even with monogrammed pieces. How do we make this possible? We have a team working around the clock focused solely on pulling and shipping your orders. Aside from that we have our monogram specialist who is also working around the clock making sure each and every piece is just as special as the customer who will be receiving it. We refuse to sell pieces that we don't have in stock and ready to ship. Things happen, we don't control the weather or manufacturing delays therefore we can't risk our good name and promise of fast shipping by relying on an estimated time of arrival. If it isn't in our hand it won't be on our site! Aside from our quick turn around we also offer free or low shipping costs depending on your order. We know what it's like to get a little carried away in ordering online and then noticing outrageous shipping fees and quickly exiting the browser and getting nothing at all, and thats no fun! We've said it before and we'll say it again, we pride ourselves on great customer service and strongly feel that quick shipping goes hand in hand with that. We hope you have been and continue to be satisfied with our quick turnaround time. XOXO, This and That For Kids


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